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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the inspiration behind the brand?
Maqaroon is a minimalistic, luxury version of the Japanese "Sweets Deco" (food jewellery) trend. As a manga artist, I've loved this style for a long time so I decided to create a version that would appeal to European tastes. I toned down the colours and combined cute pendants with bespoke, high-end findings.

What payment methods do you accept and how long does shipping take?
The online shop takes Paypal and credit card. We ship worldwide and prices automatically include priority/fast delivery. Shipping times are 3-5 workdays for EU and 5-7 workdays for international destinations. Please note that these are average times and occasional delays may occur due to holiday season or custom checks.
Can I buy directly from a real shop?  Maqaroon is stocked in the following stores wordwide:
Third Floor, Gifts & Stationery
87-135 Brompton Rd
London SW1X 7XL

Lazy Days
Gloucestershire GL12 7BX

Just Daydreaming

Sweetie Darling

Magazin Am Getreidemarkt
Getreidemarkt 11
1060 Vienna

From Austria

Kosmima Schmuck Atelier
Währinger Straße 58
1090 Vienna

Macaron Manufaktur
Hochstraße 21
2380 Perchtoldsdorf

Biks 4 Boutique

Nina Pink Choco
+974 3368 9755

Cute Lil Stuff Shop
Ceres, CA

My order hasn't arrived yet.
Orders are shipped from Maqaroon within 1-3 working days and will take 3-5 workdays for EU and 5-7 workdays for International. The most common causes for delay are address/postcode errors or customs. Please check your order confirmation email and Paypal account to see if the shipping address is correct. Very occasionally, Paypal may forward a saved shipping address that's different to what you entered during checkout. If you placed an order outside the EU and you're happy to wait a bit longer, then please do so as "lost" packages are almost always stuck in customs and will eventually turn up. However if the delivery time has passed and you need the item for a certain occasion, then don't hesitate to contact me and we'll find a solution.

I have thin/thick wrists, how do I know if the bracelet will fit?
Bracelets are sized on the smaller side (15-17cm) but I offer a free petite-friendly service of tailoring your bracelet to fit! This is based on my own experience of never being able to find jewellery small enough for me in shops. Similarly, I also offer larger sizes at any custom length, just add a note to your order with your ideal bracelet length in cm. You can use a string to measure your wrist and make sure it's not pulled tight against the skin. The length you specify will be in the centre of the extension chain so you can still adjust it smaller or larger by 1cm.

How should I take care of my jewellery?
Maqaroon necklaces are made out of 18K gold-plated stainless steel and are far more durable than regular fashion jewellery. However basic care is still advised to keep your pieces looking new for as long as possible.
1) Try to minimise contact with moisture such as rain, pool water, saunas, perfume or hair spray.
2) When not in use, store jewellery inside the complimentary gift pouch or box.
3) Scuffs or fingerprints on can be easily buffed out using a jewellery cloth or a slightly damp piece of melamine foam (commonly sold as Magic Eraser).
4) Maqaroon jewellery is designed to be very pretty and delicate so please take care not to snag them on objects or clothing.
5) Prevent long necklaces from getting tangled up when travelling by wrapping them around a piece of card or folding the chain a few times and securing with washi tape.
How is your jewellery made?
I design every charm or pendant from scratch in Illustrator and I have a suppliers who manufacture the components using stainless steel or brass. I don't use pre-made findings, charms or molds so I promise that you won't find similar-looking jewellery anywhere else! Each necklace and bracelet has a beautifully delicate cable chain which was made exclusively for Maqaroon, with a laser-etched logo tag. This ensures that Maqaroon jewellery looks different to accessories created with mass-market findings (usually curb chain or ball chain styles).
Can I buy your craft pieces?
The projects from my Youtube channel are one-off pieces and I'm too attached to sell them :). In addition, shipping from Austria for bulkier items (which includes all craft items) is very expensive so there is no point selling them because the shipping alone would cost more than what the item is worth.