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About Me

Hi, I’m Joanna!

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I was born in China and currently live in Austria. I studied at University of the Arts London and worked as a graphic designer and manga artist. I started YouTube in 2013 to share some craft videos and it quickly became the most amazing job I could imagine. I'm currently on maternity leave but will get back to making videos as soon as I can!

My dream is to inspire girls to live creatively and develop ambitions for work and business. I believe all girls should build their self-confidence based on their intelligence & creativity instead of defining themselves by their appearance. I like fashion as much as everyone but at the end of the day, our looks are only temporary. Focusing on inner skills that grow with time is what will truly make you happy!

Lots of people ask what the difference is between Maqaroon and Cute Life Hacks. There is none! Many years ago, Maqaroon was linked to my online shop so I had limitations on content and branding. However since closing the store, both channels are exactly the same and I just take turns uploading to each one. Videos from both are also available in German on Cute Life Hacks DE, with the help of Lisa from @meineversion!

Photography Credit - Tony Gigov

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